The UK's No1 Death App to brilliantly celebrate your life!

Our App helps you to make your final farewells as fabulous as you are…

Why? Because we had a family member die who had left no funeral wishes - it made a tough time even worse.

It’s our mission that others shouldn’t have to go through that difficulty.

Don’t leave a mess, leave a legacy!
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Dead, yes.
Boring, no.

Dead Brilliant revolutionises preparing for Death…

What if our farewells of the future were inspirational affairs, truly reflective of the person we are saying goodbye to?

From the traditional to off-the-wall, it’s the little personal touches that can make a difference to how we live on in the hearts and minds of those we leave behind.

Our App is not just for funerals, it’s for life.

Dead Brilliant celebrates your uniqueness & helps you take back power on how you’ll be remembered.

How do you want to be remembered?


Don’t leave things left unsaid.
Our beautiful range of features for capturing, storing and sharing messages to family & friends at pivotal times after you pass lets your words and memories live on.


Your send-off, your way!
Viking funeral? Party up the pub whilst your ashes are blasted into space?

Our App offers guidance and inspiration on what's possible and gives you the chance to explore & save your preferences. From music & readings to dress code & drinks.

We evolve as you do & will update you on new innovations, inviting you to review your choices as we grow through life together.


Our hub helps you get Dead Organised.
The App is comprehensive one-stop-shop for storing details of your wishes to avoid financial & legal issues for those you leave behind.

Our Mission is to provide every person in the UK with a safe space to save & share their final wishes for FREE.

Don’t wait to get
you don’t need it all figured out, even just documenting your song choices could prove hugely helpful...

Win a ‘Bucket List’ Wish!

To thank you for your support of the Dead Brilliant Mission we are giving away your choice of bucket list wish… from a hot air balloon ride for your family, supercar driving or award winning dining. Enter your details to automatically enter our giveaway.

We will use these details to contact you if you win and to keep in touch about our launch.

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